• Virus Removal

    Is your PC or Laptop running slow, has the blue screen of death, internet not working. Well we have a fix for that. We can remove any virus or malware problem you may have.

  • Hard Drive Recovery

    Is your PC or Mac not booting up, is your hard drive clicking, is your computer freezing. Well we can back up your PC or Macs Hard Drive and Save you data ASAP. 

  • Upgrades

    Do you need your computer to run faster then you came to the right place. From Memory, Hard Drive Space, and Processor. We have the right upgrade for you.

  • Software

    If you are looking for a new windows or mac os upgrade we got you. Also if you are looking fora certain kind of software we can do that too.

  • New Computer or Setup

    Are you looking for a new computer at the price you can afford or did you move and need your computer set up. We can get you taken care of weather in store or at home/office.

  • Printer or Network Setup

    Did you get a new printer or have a new network you need set up. We do in home or office printer or network setup.

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