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    Our main focus is to repair the damages to your broken cell phones, tablets, and other mobile devices - but it doesn’t stop there.

    Affordable Cellular Repair is a locally owned business located in Lawton,
    Oklahoma. We strive to provide the most excellent service possible. We repair the damages life throws at your beloved mobile devices so you can not only save money by not having to buy a new one, but can get back to the daily life as though nothing ever happened. But it doesn’t stop with just your broken and damaged cell phones and tablets, we fix other things too!


    If you have a testamonies of our repairs or product feel free to email us at testimony@affordablecellularrepair.net and we will put it here.

    Ana Lee

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    They went above and beyond to get my phone back to me, fixed, as soon as possible because I was going out of town. Very professional and personable. Excellent customer service and great workmanship. You wouldn't even know anything happened to my phone. When my glass cover didn't come in, as promised, they drove to Tulsa to pick it up for me. I found them to be very kind, honest and hard working Christian people. I'll go nowhere else for any HELP I might need. Also gave me a 90 day guarantee. Thank you Michael....Giggles and little Christian. All delightful people.

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